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All photographs by Christopher Marchetti
One Hundred and Ten, Transformed
​(Small side table)
Mixed media: Thunderbird (?) dashboard, toolbox, reconfigured chair, found metal, painted aluminum, glass.
26.5" x 21" x 7"

Please scroll down to see selected images of my pedestal (tabletop sized) sculpture. Pieces that hang on the wall are on a separate page, "wall sculpture," larger or freestanding sculpture is on another page, "larger sculpture," and the mushroom cloud project is under the tab, "Yellow Dirt Testimony." 

Prices available on request.   eadwellspring@yahoo.com

Mamma is Tired
Mixed Media: vintage yoke, vintage boat pieces, chair pieces, glass globe, lace, beads, found glass, found wood, music box
38” x 17” x 20”
The music box plays "Mamma's Going to Buy You a Mockingbird" when you wind the knob on the front of the lace piece.
Mixed Media: Vintage hay fork, antlers, found rubber, found wood.
60" x 20" x 20" 
Fragments of Song and Sky
Mixed Media: Horn, disc brake, found metal, chair pieces, wind chimes, glass beads, clay, lace, acrylic paint.
83" x 31" x 31"
The chimes play and the birds fly around a bit.

A Different Monument - The Inevitability of Freedom
Found welded metal (vintage cast iron and steel)
29" x 29" x 19" 

This piece is currently installed at the North Charleston, South Carolina, Riverfront Park.
Song of the Lark
Mixed media: Found vintage slide, found box, wood frame, old field guide, bone, welded steel, stained glass, glass beads, drawer pull, alcohol inked aluminum, light, found table legs.
36" x 18" x 18"

My Favorite Dress (I Never Wore It Again)
Formed and welded steel based on a 1971 Simplicity pattern
61" x 36" x 19" 

Selected for the semifinalist round of the Outwin Bouchever Portrait Competition at the Smithsonian Institution National Portrait Gallery.

Awarded Best of Show, 3D and First Place, Sculpture at Yavapai College, Spring 2018 Emerging Artist Exhibition. 
Mixed Media: Found metal, concrete, fossil ammonite, paint.
40" x 30" x 30" 
Mixed media: found and altered objects. Metal from an abandoned mine, treebark, other found metal (lamp base, etc.) tiny lights.
76" x 32" x 32"